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Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.

— Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori Children of Port Jefferson

What We Are Learning: February

Throughout the month of February, we will be analyzing Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, and playing with Dinosaurs. We will demonstrate and practice letter formation of upper and lower case “Oo”, “Gg” and “Dd” this month. The children will learn the name and the sound that letter makes. Each letter is illustrated with an object which begins with that sound. The children will also learn sign language of that letter. We do introduce three words with the beginning sound of that letter in sign language. The numbers being introduced this month are 13, 14, 15 and 16. We continue to introduce the name of the number, symbol and the value of the number daily. Each day we demonstrate and practice the formation of the number each child is working on.

Show and Tell Day is every Wednesday. Please try to encourage your child when choosing to bring something to school, that it is related to our current curriculum. The item suggested could be a book, picture, stuffed animal, plastic figure, etc. Opportunities that involve the family will promote your child’s learning at home. By initiating conversations about the program activities, you can exchange information with your child. When you encourage and support your child to participate in the curriculum, you are now becoming an active participatory partner in their learning process. If your child for some reason prefers not to bring in something to do with the curriculum, please do not worry and allow the show and tell they have chosen. We will help them work towards choosing a show and tell for the curriculum. We want to begin their day being happy!

Tumbling class continues on Wednesdays through March 13th from 12:00-1:00. Please bring lunch and 2 drinks (one for lunch and water for tumbling class). Wear loose clothes, sneakers and pull back long hair. The cost is $170 cash only for 10 week program due on first day of class. If anyone else would like to join in later she will prorate the cost.

Parent Newsletter

Please remember you are always encouraged to ask us any questions you may have about your child. This month’s school newsletter* has more information.

Special Events/School Closings

Wednesday, Feb. 7th — Wear Your Pajamas to School! The children will be watching the movie The Land Before Time. They will learn about dinosaurs.

 Feb. 11 – 15th —Wear your coolest Dinosaurs shirt

Thursday, February 14th — Celebrating Valentine’s Day! You may send Valentine’s cards FROM your child. We will have the children hand out their cards to their friends during circle. Please have them sign (from) their own name on the cards if they are able! Please no name written on the TO: portion of the card. It requires too much time to disperse the cards and gifts.

February 18th – February 22nd — Winter Break, School Closed

Reminder to Parents of Children going to Kindergarten in 2019-20: Kindergarten screening and registration begins within the next couple of months! Call your local school district for dates and times!! Please check your school districts birth date requirements.

Thank you,
Sharon, Joanne, and Amber

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Communities We Serve

Montessori Children serves families from all over Long Island including, but not limited to, the following areas:

• Coram
• Selden
• Middle Country
• Mt. Sinai
• Rocky Point
• Sound Beach
• Miller Place
• Port Jefferson
• Port Jefferson Station
• Setauket
• Farmingville
• Medford

Montessori Children—Young Minds of the Future

The mission of Montessori Children is to develop a well rounded student who is eager to learn, is self-confident, and is a contributing member of society who has the zest and skills for lifelong learning. This will be accomplished in a nurturing prepared environment utilizing a comprehensive preschool level curriculum. Montessori classes place children in multi-age groups, forming communities in which the older children spontaneously share their knowledge with the younger ones.

Our Montessori teachers are prepared to foster all children to reach their fullest potential at their own unique pace with the best practices in efforts aiding the children’s natural learning tendencies as they unfold in this “prepared environment” to aid the most profound young minds of the future.

Read more about the Montessori Method.

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